About Us

The Eastern Ontario Carriage Driving Association began as the Eastern Ontario Pleasure Driving Society which was first established in 1975 by a group of people interested in keeping pleasure driving skills alive and saving Canadian made vintage vehicles.

In 1977, it was incorporated as a non profit association.  Initially, the club was interested in the promotion of just pleasure driving but was later expanded to all modes of pleasurable driving including Combined Driving Events or CDEs. HRH Prince Philip laid down the standardized rules of combined driving in the early 1970’s fashioned after the ridden Three Day Event with Dressage, Marathon and Cones components.  Everyone’s favourite is the cones, in which a horse (single, pair, team) is driven between pairs of numbered cones with balls sitting on them.  The fewest balls knocked down in the best time wins. 

At present, we have members who enjoy pleasure driving (envision a lady driver in a beautiful hat or male driver in a top hat; shiny horse in gleaming harness and a spotless carriage); CDEs; or the monthly relaxed social drives (weather and bugs permitting) in various locales in eastern Ontario. And some members do all three.

To drive, no particular breed of horse is required.  Some of the breeds represented in the club are Canadians, Norwegian Fjords, Welsh Cobs & Ponies, Saddlebred, Hackney, Gypsy Vanner, and VSEs . We also have members who drive a very cute pair of donkeys.

Many members drive two wheeled carts and others 4 wheeled marathon carriages.  Whatever is driven, safety is the number one concern. 

Education is an important aspect of the club’s promotional effort. The directors help new drivers, with finding instructors and trainers, as well as harness makers and carriage manufacturers. 

Regular events include Social Drives, Clinics and Competitions. Through newsletters, the website, and Facebook, the club develops awareness of the sport, and opportunities for connecting with people, who share similar interests. Carriage driving clinics, given by professional instructors, are scheduled annually.

The Association is managed by a Board of Directors. Elections take place at the Annual General Meeting held each year.